Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Music was everything

"Binca! come on lets go!" Amanda yelled at her friend. It was friday night and time to party but her friend was taking an extremely long time in the bathroom and she had already finished a cooler.
"I'm coming no worries." as she walked out of the bathroom "come on lets go."
As Amanda felt the alcohol go down her throat she knew she was drunk, but that had been the point of the night looking around toward the dancefloor she leaned over to Binca "wanna header over there?"

"haha YEAH! lets go man!" she replied. Niether of them seen that they were being watched from the dark corner of the bar.

Amanda felt someone come up behind her while she was dancing and so she only jumped alittle when a male voice said in her ear "if you dance like that all the time you should come back to my place and show me the rest of your moves."

Amanda laughed as she turned around inspecting the guy who wanted her, "hes pretty cute" she thought "but no way am i going home with him." Then she said aloud, "well i dunno lets see some of your moves.."

Now he laughed, "alright." and they started grinding.

"WOOOOOW!" Amanda downed her 2nd shot of jager.
Somewhere Binca was dancing on the floor and Amanda was sitting with the guy who turns out to be new in town, and his name was Luke, he had just turned 20 and had tranfered to he college near by. "oh my head i think i should probably call it a night." she said

"awh come on its only 12:30, plus your friend seems to be having a blast. Sure enough Binca was grinding with a guy that was hotter then hell and enjoying every minute of it.

"i suppose, well maybe a bit longer here can you help me walk over to the bathroom, cause im probably going to fall anyways." As he helped her up he grabbed a bottle of water, untwisting the top, and gave it to her.

"thanks" and Amanda guzzled it. Going over to the bathroom she fell against Luke, shoving him into the wall, he grabbed her so she didnt fall. As she looked up at him, her head swaying she thought, "awh man, just do it Amanda." so she kissed him and his hands that had been holding her up now wandered her body. dragging him into the bathroom stall and shoving him on the toliet, she locked the door and started taking off her shirt.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A night to remeber

As she climbed the stairs, she thought "Here I go again". But what she didn't know that once she stepped in that room, that men with money bought her love, she would never forget this night.
Opening the door, she began her act, "honey are you home?".

"yes" came a reply from the "kitchen".

Walking in the "kitchen" she seen one of the hottest guys on the face of the planet, for sure, what he was doing here, buying her, was astounding but now was not a time to be thinking. He was wearing a simple outfit, of a dress shirt and jeans, but he made it seem so much more formal, so much more sexy. He was tall, strawberry blond, and muscular. He sat on the counter looking at her outfit.

She was wearing a formal, receptionist outfit. But it certainly didn't leave much to the imagination, her long blond hair was tied up in a pony tail, and her shirt was opened so that there was quite the view for him. Wearing a black lace bra, and a see-through white blouse wasn't for blending in purposes. Her tight, shorter skirt hugged her curves and led down to her, bare, smooth, beautiful legs. Her high heels were the type that made men stare at, her ass. He knew it was her though, when he swept his eyes across her face, and knew that she knew that it was him at that same time, as he looked into her eyes, her mouth opened in recognition and took a step back. He smiled, "hi Amanda, how have you been?"
"B-b-but you, no, no, no, how did you find out that I was here?, why are you here?"

He looked at her, she was returning to her old self, she now couldn't look at him in the eyes, and her cheeks went bright red, she sneaked a look at him again. "I found out your here because I do have a sister, that you talk to, remember? I'm here to well," now he was having troubles talking. "I'm here to apologize for all the wrong I did to you in high school. I want to make it right."

Now she stared at him, her heart racing, "why is it still doing that?" she thought. As she went fast-forward through high-school, she couldn't believe that it was him, he was here. After two years, he had come back to her? He was still as breath taking as he was before though, even more. Then she snapped out of it, moving into auto-mode. She started to undo the only buttons done up on her shirt.

As he jumped down from the counter, he didn't really know what was happening, whether she was just doing this because it was her job, or if it was a reaction he had wanted, forgiveness and want. Walking up to her, he grabbed her hands as they reached the last button. He looked down at her, and seen the scared eyes, but also seen, the fight going on. She wanted him, but she was also trying to do her job. Taking one hand and moving a wisp of soft hair, out of her face, and stroking her face, he smiled when she caught her breath. His breathing was out of whack too, grabbing her neck, he kissed her with all the passion that had been building up over the years. She was kissing him back with equal passion, he could feel his lust almost over power him, he took a step back, breathing heavily.

She stumbled back, gasping, leaning against the wall she looked at him hungry for more, but cautious as well. She had never felt that much passion in herself, or returned to her ever.

He felt the need rising up in him, and quickly crossed the space between them. Pinning her against the wall, all he could feel was the need to have her under him.

She pushed against him, to feel him closer, and as he bent down to kiss her neck, she couldn't stop a sigh from coming out. His hands left her wrists, and slowly glided down her figure, as they reached her back, she had to arch it, never had she been touched so, good.

As his hands reached her back, he felt her arch into him, this drove him to new heights of want, and ripped her shirt of of her, the started at the skirt. But her hands grabbed his, and pushed them away, he looked at her, and realized that, she was undoing the skirt her self. Quickly unbuttoning his shirt with shaking hands, he looked and seen her in nothing, he stopped, and stared. Her body, was like a goddesses, never had he seen something so gorgeous. He felt himself involuntarily rise, and harden, making his face go red with embarrassment. But she stepped closer to him and undid the rest of his buttons, then his belt, and slipped both his jeans,and boxers off.

As she finished taking of her skirt, she realized he had stopped, looking at him, he was staring at her, with the most spell bound expression she had ever seen. He had stopped undoing his shirt, and his face had gone red. She realized why, and stepped closer to him, undoing the rest of the buttons, and his belt. Being careful she, pulled down his jeans and boxers. Then stood up and flicked off her shoes. All the while taking care not to actually look at his body. Then after all of this she finally allowed herself to look. It was like staring at a stone sculpture that breathed, his whole body chiseled to perfection still, it made her catch her breath.

At her sudden intake of breath, he snapped out of his phase, he flipped out his shoes, and then picked her up. She wasn't heavy at all, and he couldn't stop looking in her eyes. She moved up, her arms around his neck, and kissed him. He almost dropped her, because she tasted so good, it made him weak. So instead of concentrating on her, he tried to watch where he was going, and finally reached the bedroom. He laid her done gently, and turned off the lights, but as he was coming back to the bed, she said "leave them on please?" He turned and turned them on again. She stared at him, as he walked over and he looked at her body. Crawling on to the bed he lay beside her, not sure about how to go about this.

She knew that he would probably have troubles with this part. So she crawled over top of him sitting on him. His hands went up her legs to her waist, trying to ignore the tingling he left as he went up, she ran her hands up chest as she came down to kiss him again. As they kissed, he rolled over, on to her, and ran his hand to in between her legs. He felt her move against his hand, and her breathing heavier. Her hands were on his neck keeping him near. Finally she moved his hand out of the way, and looked at him expectantly. He breathed out, and slide himself into her, she groaned softly, and moved with him. He never knew this would feel so good, and he increased his pace. Her fingers, slightly digging into his back.